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  • 10th
  • July
  • 2012

"Ukulele Rangers" iPad & iPhone Wallpapers

“Ukulele Rangers” was our nickname for the folks we encountered in Yosemite who’d brought their ukuleles (or guitars or even one fella with an udu) along on their hikes. I’d done this quick sketch at the time, but in the two months since our trip I’ve kept returning to this idea — a bit obsessively, actually — of these chance meetings and impromptu jam sessions among companionable folks, making music while enjoying the outdoors.

Well, I’ve fleshed-out and refined these sketches a bit and here’s the results (plus some t-shirts, mugs ‘n such on Zazzle).

Who are the Ukulele Rangers? Well, you are. If you’ve ever taken your uke to the park, or camping — or you’ve just sat under the trusty bug zapper on your back porch — you’ve joined the proud tradition of outdoors musicians!

So as an official Ukulele Ranger in good standing, why not download these and spread the word, that ukes belong among such camping essentials as s’mores and trail mix, or stinky bug spray and knee-high socks. Oh, and sunblock, of course. Gotta have that.

PS. Today, July 10, is Zazzle’s 7th birthday and they’re celebrating by offering 25% off all shirts. Use Code: ZSBDAYSHIRTS

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  • May
  • 2012

"Yosemite Ukulele Rangers" Dancing Bear Mascot (iPad Brushes Sketch)

As good as it is for sketching on the iPad (and it’s awesome for this), Brushes’s playback and movie export features make me happier still. I’m frankly too embarrassed to own up to the number of times I’ve replayed this.

Playback imparts a more certain, steady, confident, and sure-handed authority to my sketching — up until the point when I draw four different wonky park ranger hats (nice 70’s “Huggy-bear” pimp hat, though), then you see the way I really work — carving images out of air and hoping it goes somewhere that I like.

Brushes for iPad and iPhone ($7.99 on iTunes)

I’ve posted some alternate ukulele playing bear sketches over on pizza.

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The “Yosemite Ukulele Rangers” Dancing Bear Mascots (iPad Brushes Sketches)

Doodling some ukulele playin’ bears using Brushes iPad app while up in Yosemite National Park. I definitely recommend both the app and bringing your uke to Yosemite, perhaps not in that order.

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