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  • 18th
  • May
  • 2012

Abstract, mid-century ukulele art love, courtesy Mid-Centuria

Left to right: Bela de Kristo’s “Le Banjo (1967) and Georges Terzian’s “Les Deux Guitar.

(yes, the titles say “banjo” and “guitar”, but recall that the uke is ultimately of Portuguese origin, the Hawaiian cousin to the “small guitar-like cavaquinho and rajao”)

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  • 8th
  • April
  • 2012

Illustrator Micah Chock’s preliminary poster comp for this year’s Ukulele Guild of Hawaii’s Exhibition and Conference.

I agree with the encouraging feedback from his fellow designers (in comments): the art’s “too guitar”, not enough “ukeness”, and the typography misdirects (has the wrong emphasis) with “Ukulele” getting lost. My “squint test” says “ANNUAL HAWAII … guitar concert?”

High marks to Micah for bravely putting out an early work for comment and the community for helpful constructive criticism. Am anxious to see the final result.

It’s also quite clear that Micah’s up to the task (see his artwork “Ukes for Kekis” — yeah, the type has issues) and is working through presenting a more serious tone for this client (the exhibition). The UGH’s event will showcase scores of handmade one-of-a-kind ukuleles so his challenge — to graphically snapshot the luthiers’ craftsmanship while conveying uke-itude — is a truly tough gig.

Check out Micah aka “Donakfied’s” deviantart portfolio.

Event Info

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  • 10th
  • November
  • 2011

Stephen Sloan’s Chalkboard Ukulele!

What a tremendous idea:

…I’ve had this cheap ukulele I found at the swap meet… A quick trip to the hardware store and I was ready to go. I dismantled the little uke and gave it several coats of Rust-oleum Chalkboard paint. A trip to the toy store… two boxes of chalk… We’re off and running, I hope you like the results.

Simple scribbles to elaborate Dia de los Muertos & Halloween Jack-o-lele designs, psychedelia to Woody Guthrie… this uke’s surface is too inviting for even Jim “Ukulele by Ear” D’Ville (his site) and James Hill (his site) to resist.

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  • 23rd
  • July
  • 2011
Some great artwork by Jeff Soto for Eddie Vedder’s US Ukulele Tour, Prints available.
(via laughingsquid)

Some great artwork by Jeff Soto for Eddie Vedder’s US Ukulele Tour, Prints available.

(via laughingsquid)

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  • 16th
  • April
  • 2011

Ukulele Ike (Cliff Edwards) album art. I want a uke that matches my shoes, too.

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  • 26th
  • February
  • 2011

Custom Derek Yaniger Tiki/Hipster Ukuleles

Derek is a whirlwind of productivity whose loose, free-flowing lines hearken a nostalgia-tinged classic tiki life are a natural continuation of Jim Flora’s 50’s hipsters. He’s designed some fantastic tiki mugs … and adorned a few musical instruments, too, including these ukuleles and bongos.

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  • 25th
  • June
  • 2010

A Matchstick Ukulele? Yup. Jack Hall, “The Matchstick Man”, made this uke from 10,000 new and used matchstick in 1984. Inexplicably, the acoustic guitar is listed as being only 2,000 matchsticks. Just goes to show ya.

This lengthy photo collection and biograph of Jack is also a richly documented and fascinating look into the twentieth century.

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  • 31st
  • March
  • 2010
Day of the Dead Art — Ukulele Commission (via David Lozeau)

Day of the Dead Art — Ukulele Commission (via David Lozeau)

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