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  • September
  • 2012

Ukulele Lesson: Taylor Swift’s “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

Peruse Todd Downing’s YouTube channel for a slew of quality ukulele tutorials with enough details to stave off those pesky “what’re the chords!!" or "hey, dude, what’s your strum pattern” first comments.

Bonus entertainment: he sings (quite well) while calling out chord names or strum change-ups — at the same time! (occasionally barely holding back quite a laugh at the absurdity himself)

For this song he’s going with: C  G  Dadd4  Em7:

C: 0 0 0 3
G: 0 2 3 2
Dadd4: 0 2 2 0
Em7: 0 2 0 2

His is one of the most approachable instructional styles you’ll encounter; like your older brother’s cool friend that spends a few minutes showing you how to play before they head off to the mall for an Orange Julius and other foreign and unimaginably great adventures.

(most of Todd’s tutorials are keyboard and guitar, plus YouTube search is “meh”, so paging through is best way to find his uke tuts, such as how to play Coldplay’s “Charlie Brown” and many more)

Want an alternative version? Watch Drew Chadwick’s performance.

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