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"The Plastic Ukulele" on Kickstarter

Bend, Oregon designer and tinkerer Scott Seale wants your help to revive the plastic uke (but you only have until 12:05AM Wednesday, Sept 19th to act)!

Soprano ukulele built to survive the outdoors. Vintage Look. Modern materials. Brilliant sound.

Definitely a beauty, but I’m interested to see whether folks see “plastic” as synonymous with “cheap” or worse, “crap”. Ultimately will buyers shell out $150 US (Suggested Retail Price) for a slick looking “toy”? Methinks the crux of his pitch hinges upon selling “high tech plastic” == great sound:

The Plastic Ukulele will be 6 parts injection molded from polycarbonate, often referred to as bullet proof plastic and not affected by humidity or temperature changes. These parts are then assembled to create a very strong hollow structure with the internal volume and tone of a much larger instrument.

By comparison, the Fluke and the Flea both have plastic backs joined with wood soundboards and retail from $179 - $350.

Backers may get their hands on one for $125, or as low as $90 apiece in bulk.

Scott’s other projects include “longboard skateboards… snowshoes, seamless composite speakers, skateboarding products, and many others”

Check it out on kickstarter and ThePlasticUkulele.com

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