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  • 28th
  • August
  • 2012

Plush by Stone Temple Pilots (ukulele cover)

One of my favorite songs (the acoustic version, actually) that’s also cemented with one of my fondest memories: During the heady Internet start-up days, on one of but many all-nighters, taking a break at 3 or 4 in the morning to cook burgers and brots on the office grill and listening to five or six quite exhausted co-workers bang this song out — everyone singing loudly and badly their best guesses at this song’s impenetrable and improbable lyrics (“dog begins to smell her… dogs wearing sweaters?… does she smell alone… the mask I made? No? Masquerade?”)

Anyway, great song to test your power jamming abilities. Here’s the intro:


Nice tips on guitarist “TommyKicksAss” YouTube channel.

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