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Antonio Vivaldi “Primavera Theme” for Solo Ukulele

Half the battle of learning the ukulele is mental — and by this I mean negotiating the mental anguish of those pesky “hey, you have a uke?! play something for me” requests. I hope you’ve fared better than me. I gulp, then dust off a go-to song, play it (avoiding eye contact), and look up, watching their faces for any recognition… and it never comes.

For this reason, Vivaldi’s Primavera is a great solo uke song because it sounds like, well, a “real” song. It’s gone into my must memorize pile (though it’ll take some practice to manage it as well as Valéry Sauvage does here).

A nice arrangement by Timog. This is a really easy piece for beginners, try it ! tab here

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